Community Shows Appreciation to Man Who Spread Holiday Joy With Light Display

credit- Courtney Mroch

There are Christmas light displays that become part of your family traditions. That is the case with Buford Benson’s home on Holt Road in Nashville.

For 20 years, he’s delighted families with his thousands of lights but this year the community took notice that the lights didn’t come on the day after Thanksgiving as normal.

From one message on social media, the news spread that Benson, age 79, had suffered two strokes this year and was unable to carry on his tradition.

To show their gratitude for the joy Benson had brought so many families over the years, 75 community members gathered to greet Benson, bringing lights, carols and cards with warm wishes.

“Many neighbors and strangers like myself came together and brought Christmas cheer to them. It was a magical evening,” said Lisa Nilsen, of Nolensville, who helped with the gathering.

Take a look at photos from the event below.



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