Community Child Care Donations

Community Child Care of Franklin has received a little over $8,000 in donations recently, helping them continue in their mission to offer affordable and quality childcare.

On May 2nd The Nashville Predators presented Community Child Care with a check in the amount of $3,050.00 to assist in the purchasing of new cafeteria tables and chairs for the children. And on May 16 , Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation donated $5,000 to assist them with the purchase of a new fence and playground equipment.

About Community Child Care
Community Child Care Center was founded in 1971 by a group of church women who saw a great need for affordable and quality childcare in the city of Franklin. Community Child Care is 47 years old this year. Their mission is to assist families who fall on hard times and prepare our children for their next phase of education and motivate all of our families to reach their highest potential. Learn more about Community Child Care at