Nolensville High School

Bill Harlin will speak to the Nolensville community on Monday about what’s coming up next fall when the brand new Nolensville High School opens its doors to students.

Harlin has been named the principal of NHS and began his new position on July 1 to get things set up at Williamson County’s newest high school.

On Monday, July 13, Harlin will speak at the Historic Nolensville School at 7 p.m. The historic school is located in the heart of Nolensville, off Nolensville Rd., right in front of the new recreation center. See map below.

Harlin will share his vision for the new school and tell about his plans for what’s in store at Nolensville High School. Bill Harlin, principal of Nolensville High School

School colors were announced on July 4th on social media, and Harlin says the mascot will be chosen in much the same way, with a Google form and a paper form available for community input. Freshmen at Ravenwood, some of whom will become sophomores at NHS, will also be asked for their input on the new school’s mascot.

The new school is located on York Rd. in Nolensville and the interior design is a mirror version of Summit High School. One of Harlin’s first priorities is to find the right people to be on staff at the school.

“The trick is hiring great people,” Harlin said. “My job is going to be recruiting and hiring the best people that I possibly can, that not only know the subject but will also build incredible relationships with kids and with one another.”

NHS nolensville high schoolHarlin said the first people he will need to hire are a bookkeeper, librarian and counselor in order to get things up and running. There will be a wide range of course types available in academics as well as sports.

Registration for Nolensville High School will begin in January of 2016 and the first classes at the school will begin in fall 2016.

Hear Principal Harlin speak in person at the Historic Nolensville School on Monday to hear more about the inner workings of Nolensville High School as well as what students can expect once they begin classes there.