Columbia Based Daddy Rack Tennessee Whiskey Brings Home the Silver

Daddy Rack Whiskey
photo from Daddy Rack Whiskey Facebook

Competing against 3,500 other spirits from all corners of the world in one of the most prestigious spirits competitions, the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC), Daddy Rack Tennessee Straight Whiskey based in Columbia announced that it brought home the SILVER award for Tennessee Whiskey.

“In its first year of competition, we are so proud and excited to learn people are really loving Daddy Rack Tennessee Straight Whiskey,” says J. Arthur Rackham, Master Maker. “It’s incredible that our first small batch was able to win in this most prestigious competition. We can’t wait to see what whiskey lovers think of our barrel proof that we are going to release this fall!”

Daddy Rack credits its winning Silve on leaning on purity and flavor nuances, all barrels chosen for Daddy Rack are aged for a minimum of three years, then meticulously blended by Rackham to produce a beautiful 80-proof Tennessee whiskey that is even smoother than newly-paved I-440.

Daddy Rack Tennessee Straight Whiskey is made with Grade 1 locally-farmed corn, sour mash fermentation, and lightly rectified copper double distillation. The same care is taken with the filtration process — Daddy Rack is filtered using Lincoln County Maple Charcoal slow filtration before aging in new American Oak barrels. Each small batch comes from 20 barrels, blended to perfection. As Straight Whiskey, no coloring, caramel or additional flavors will ever be added. Before bottling, each batch of Daddy Rack goes through a lighter Maple Charcoal filtration to add final smoothness. Every bottle is then Batch Coded before proudly joining the world-famous Tennessee Whiskey community.

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