The Collective Global Offers Leadership Conference in Franklin

Thread Leadership

The Collective Global will present THREAD: Leadership with Purpose on Friday, January 25 at 8:30 a until noon at The Factory in Franklin. It will be a morning filled with the unique leadership topics Heart, Real, Joy, Weird, and Rest. These conversations will radically challenge your thoughts on leadership, reveal a more intentional approach to leadership, and equip you to incorporate these leadership principles into your team or business.

The Collective CEO, Brad Stinson, will be hosting our time together through a Heart lens as we challenge leaders with topics of Choosing Real, Joy-Filled Leadership, Being Weird, and Leading with Rest.

Bekah Pogue, creative coach and author of Choosing Real, will speak on the importance of being REAL when you lead. Danny Williamson, CJO at the Collective and author of Where’s the Joy? will talk on the gift of JOY in leadership. CJ Casciotta, identity ninja, speaker, and author of Get Weird, will communicate the sway of leading with WEIRD. Curtis “CZ” Zackery, dynamic speaker, pastor, and author of Soul Rest will discuss the vitality of leading from the position of REST.

The Collective says, this isn’t your typical leadership event and they can’t wait to share their Hearts, be Real, spread Joy, become Weird, and find Rest with you on Friday, January 25th, 2019. Purchase tickets for the event here.