As we continue our quest for the best coffee houses in Williamson County. We headed out to Westhaven where we sat down with owners, Steve and Dorene Pearson, to learn more High Brow Brew.

WS:  What made you want to open High Brow Brew?

HighBrow: Coffee had always been a strong interest over the years and after leaving the fashion industry, I was intrigued by the new wave of coffee shops emerging on the west coast, particularly Intelligentsia in Pasadena, where we lived. The idea of creating the perfect “third place”, grounded in great coffee and a warm comfortable atmosphere really exciting me. My wife and I came across this small space available in Westhaven Town Center, with a view of the lake, and we said..this is perfect! Let’s build it here!

WS:  Can you tell us the inspiration for the name High Brow Brew?

HighBrow: When we first visited our property in Leipers Fork, before purchasing it, the realtors kept referring to the amazing “brow view” we had from this hilltop property, overlooking The Trace and the protected lands to the east. We named our farm High Brow Hill. The name of the coffee shop starts with the farm, but it is also a bit tongue-in-cheek, as it also references our focus on very high quality product and decor.

WS: Why did  you chose to locate in the Westhaven Community?

Highbrow:  We live a short distance from Westhaven Town Center and shop at Harris Teeter daily for our large family…we have seven children! We were looking for a place to open a shop and it was obvious that Westhaven and the entire west side of Franklin for that matter, simply had no good coffee. When we found this space available, we knew it was perfect for our plans.

WS:  How is High Brow Brew different than other coffee shops?

Highbrow: Well, first is the shop itself, which was designed by my wife and partner Dorene. It is both warm and rustic, while also feeling modern and comfortable. It is grounded by our ten foot community table and surrounded by many interesting antique and modern details. Second would be our product mix. We strive to source as local as possible and as organic or all-natural as possible. We brew only one roaster’s beans, Counter Culture, of Durham, N.C., who are arguably the best roasters in the country. Our other core products are similarly regarded on a national level, from our High Road Ice Creams to our Bellocq teas. Add to that our local bakers, Lucy’s Kitchen and Jones Mill Farm and our amazing sausage and bacon biscuits from Greers Tennessee Country Hams and you have a very unique mix of very special products.

WS:  If you were a customer in your coffeehouse, what drink would you order?

Highbrow: I have come to appreciate the differences between the many coffees grown in various parts of the world. The best way to experience this is by ordering one of our pour-overs, in which we highlight seasonal coffees from around the world. Much like wine, coffee displays unique and subtle characteristics, based on the origin, country and terroir in which it is grown. With a pour-over, the fine skills of our roaster and our very talented baristas are optimized, providing an opportunity to truly appreciate coffee at it’s very best.

WS: In a few words, how would you describe High Brow Brew Coffeehouse?

Highbrow: We created Highbrow Brew to be a very warm and personal experience. Our team LOVES coffee and LOVES sharing their knowledge with our guests. We have brought together the very best products and created a unique, rustic setting, in which we hope everyone feels both welcome and comfortable.

Thanks so much to Steve and Dorene Pearson for sharing more about Highbrow Coffeehouse.  Keep checking back as we continue our series to see if your favorite coffeehouse will be next.   If you have story you would like us to share, contact