clovercroft elementary

From WCS inFocus

Students at Clovercroft Elementary played shopkeepers during Market Day January 25.

To cap off their economics unit, third graders at Clovercroft Elementary created and sold their own products. Market Day helps students understand supply, demand, consumers and other topics they’ve been learning about in class.

The day had quite the buildup. Students were told about the project before winter break so they could start brainstorming.

“They have to make 25 products, so it’s a lot of work,” said third grade teacher Alyssa Smith. “I’m always impressed with the origami ones because they’re so intricate and precise. Last year we had a student who made a magnet board and magnets, which took a lot of effort. She sold out quickly.”

Each classroom was turned into a store as students displayed their wares on their desks. Two 30-minute rounds of shopping allowed them to sell their own products and buy goods from other students.

“They like the freedom to walk between classes and spend the money they’ve earned,” Smith said.

Students were able to choose which products they wanted to sell, which led to a very diverse marketplace. Dream-catchers, stress balls and sugar scrubs were just a few of the options up for sale.

“I’ve been selling emoji magnets,” said third grader Derek Hernandez-Toro. “I just chose random emojis my sister looked up. I’ve been selling a lot. I’m thinking about if I should price it higher or lower.”

Teachers say the event is something students look forward to each year.

“This day is a lot of fun for the students,” said Smith. “It has become one of the highlights of the year.”