Up Close with Ravenwood & O’More Alumna Courtney Button

Up Close with O’More Alumna-NYC Wardrobe Stylist Courtney Button
By Jamie Atlas, Chair of Fashion, O’More College of Design

O'More College of Design

Photo Shoot: Bloomingdales.com

Courtney Button, a Ravenwood High School graduate earned a BFA in Fashion Design at O’More College of Design and moved to the Big Apple a year later to pursue a career in styling. Courtney’s end goal was always to end up in New York, and she believes that her college education helped accelerate her success in the industry.

“O’More was the only school I looked at and the only one I applied to,” she says. “I loved the smaller setting as opposed to being competitive so early on. For me, it felt like a better learning environment than moving to New York right away, but New York was always the end goal.”

The Tennessee native is contracted on a project basis, and has worked with Badgley Mischka. Kate Spade, Monique Lhullier, Perry Ellis, Macy’s, Amazon.com, Nike, Target, Verizon, Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdales, and Nordstrom. Courtney’s most recent endeavors include Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and The Daily Show.  See more of Courtney’s work on her website.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Courtney during our annual student trip in New York. Courtney shared her experiences and provided guidance to our talented group of juniors and seniors.

O'More College of Design

Photo Shoot: Bloomingdales.com

What most influenced your desire to design?
I have always been influenced by television and movies. I am especially drawn to period pieces, and love the idea of being able to tell a story visually through wardrobe.

Where do you find creative stimulation? 
I frequent museums and enjoy sitting down and watching old films. There is also nothing like holding and reading a book from times past.

What turns off your creative juices?
Being on a tight deadline and time crunch. However, success comes from being able to produce cutting edge and quality work on a deadline.

Who is your design hero/ine and why?
I don’t really have a design hero, but Jenny Beavan is an exceptionally talented costume designer. Her most recent work was Mad Max: Fury Road.

What is one thing we can do to become better designers?
Stop looking to others for inspiration. Design is lacking imagination these days and everyone is doing the same thing. I think technology contributes hugely to that. We can see what everyone is doing all the time. Remove yourself from it and challenge yourself to think outside what is trending. You have the power to set the trend

What’s the glimpse of wisdom you can offer about the future of design? 
The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world, and I hope that the future of design will include ways to be more eco-friendly.

What has most surprised you in your career as a professional in the industry of fashion? 
The support that I have received from other people in the industry. It can be very competitive but I’ve met so many people willing to help me and provide opportunities.

O'More College of Design

Banana Republic Presentation

What is the one thing you would tell anyone who wants to work in the field of fashion?
You are going to face a lot of harsh rejection but that doesn’t mean you aren’t good. It just means you have to be better.

What is a story that you like to tell about design, the state of design or your life as a designer?
Most days are far from glamorous and you don’t always get the recognition you deserve. You have to do it for yourself and not anyone else.

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