MILES Auto Spa

During our recent guide to constructing the ultimate garage, we have focused on finishing a garage as a showplace for your favorite vehicle. The recent winter storms have made it difficult to keep those cars clean and worthy of showing off to your friends. So today, we look at cleaning up after the weather.

With the recent winter weather that has hit, most cars on the road are covered in the residue from the salt brine on the roads. Once the weather leaves, many drivers want to take care of that as quickly as possible. With two locations in Cool Springs, MILES Auto Spa offers customers numerous options to get their cars cleaned up following the bad weather and ready for the spring.

For a traditional exterior wash, options are available at the MILES Auto Spa location on Bakers Bridge Avenue and at the new MILES Express location at the corner of Mallory Lane and Mallory Station Road. Depending on the levels of wash selected, customers can get wheels cleaned, tires shined, their underbody flushed, and have clearcoat protectant, rain off, rust inhibitors applied. At the Bakers Bridge location, customers can get the interior vacuumed, wiped clean, and windows cleaned as well.

For those who look to go above and beyond for their favorite vehicle, detailing is also available at the Bakers Bridge location. MILES offers four different levels of detailing, with options focusing on interior, exterior or both. Detailing at this time of year gets one’s car ready for showing them off during spring and relaxing summer evening drives.

There is more to MILES than just cleaning. If you want to customize your car to make it uniquely yours, MILES Auto Spa offers custom wheels. If your headlights are dimming and are in need of cleaning and protecting or you need a paint touchup or bumper repair, the location at Bakers Bridge can take care of whatever your car needs.

Whether  you are looking for a traditional exterior wash or looking to go to the next level in taking care of your car, visit MILES Auto Spa and MILES Express to make your car into the ultimate showpiece in your ultimate garage.

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