City of Franklin Issues Statement on Drinking Water

The City of Franklin Water Department recently violated a Federal drinking water standard regarding a disinfection byproduct. The violation occurred in a small section of the City water line distribution system at Carr Avenue. The line extends from Columbia Avenue East, stopping in the middle of Carr Avenue serving this industrial area of the City. (See map above)

The State requires that the city notify all citizens who utilize its water (see notice). The violation took place in this small area due to poor circulation of water in this “dead end” water line. This violation does not require that customers take immediate action, but it is a customer’s right to know what happened, what they should do, and what is being done to correct this situation.

In 2019 the Water Management Department tested the water four times (quarterly) as is required by the State. For the 2019 4th quarter, the total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs) was calculated at 0.093 mg/L for the Carr Avenue site. This value exceeds the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of 0.080 mg/L set for this parameter. Total trihalomethanes are disinfection byproducts resulting from our chlorination of the water to minimize risk of microbial life in the drinking water. The EPA considers microbial contaminants as the greatest risk to the public. The City currently tests eight sites across the city on a quarterly basis and this site was the only location in violation of the Locational Running Annual Average (LRAA).

The City is working on the lines on Carr Avenue to extend the water main from the current end of the line to tie into the line that extends north from Confederate Drive, looping the system and allowing for better circulation of water through the system. We are working closely with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to correct this issue and began construction in mid-February and should be complete by early March.

The City is committed to providing the highest quality water. We’ve recently completed multi-million-dollar upgrades to our water treatment facility with a state-of-the-art process. We closely monitor the quality of water we produce including multiple tests per day of the water produced at our treatment plant. The City has consistently scored high in its sanitary survey. This survey is performed randomly on a periodic basis and the city has scored in the “Approved Category” for several consecutive sanitary evaluation periods. Below are the Categorical Definitions and their corresponding ratings from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

Category Rating

Approved 95%-100%

Provisionally Approved 90%- 94%

Unsatisfactory 0%- 89%

If you have any questions, please contact the Water Management Department at (615) 794 – 4554.



  1. I know someone who lives on Franklin Road near the Factory who got a notice about the same contaminants in her drinking water recently. Can you find out anything about that? And what area is affected?


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