City of Franklin Gives Snow Removal Update

City of Franklin
photo from City of Franklin

On Friday, Feb. 19 the City of Franklin shared, via Facebook, a snow removal update.

Q: When are you going to plow roads besides the major roadways in Franklin?

A: As of 8 a.m. Friday, all major arterial roads are “dry.” The Streets Department focused on minor arterials the rest of the day. The City of Franklin has a limited number of plow trucks and road salt. We must prioritize how we distribute our salt; we make every attempt to benefit the widest numbers of motorists possible.

Q: Other than major arterial roads, how does the City decide what roads to salt and plow?

A: We have our snow routes map at this link. We also salt hospital, fire hall, and police department accesses, as well as known hazardous areas such as steep hills and sharp curves.

Q: What has the City done so far?

A: The City of Franklin has used 1,000 tons of salt on roads. 12 members of our Streets Department crew have been clearing roads in 12-hour shifts since Sunday.