City Farmhouse to Close Retail Store

City Farmhouse
credit-City Farmhouse

City Farmhouse, located inside The Factory at Franklin, shared some news with their followers on social media Friday.

In June, City Farmhouse will close their brick and mortar location to focus more on Pop-up Fairs in Franklin as well as across the country. In their Facebook message, they wrote about how much they love being on the road in their 1962 Globetrotter Airstream (fun fact: they got their airstream from Sheryl Crow and it once belonged to the Kennedy family too.)

They also hinted at a new show concept to roll out later this year.

City Farmhouse will continue to occupy their space at The Factory but it will no longer serve as a storefront but more as storage and staging for their upcoming shows.

Through June 16 you can continue to shop at City Farmhouse where you can have the opportunity to purchase items which have never been available before like the chandeliers installed in the store, 1800s doors, and the big white mirror.

See the entire message on Facebook here. Be sure to follow City Farmhouse on social media for updated local sale dates and news on their travels.

City Farmhouse moved to The Factory back in 2015 after having a storefront in downtown Franklin for six years. In 2017, City Farmhouse transformed their retail store into an event space and later back to a retail space for the launch of their book City Farmhouse Style.

City Farmhouse owners Kim and David Leggett have been “pickers” for more than 20 years, and their trained eye and vivacious personalities have earned them national acclaim.