City Farmhouse

City Farmhouse is hosting their monthly City Farmhouse Fling at the Factory this weekend. Beginning on Thursday, July 23rd, at 5 pm until 9pm for a sneak peek.  The Fling will continue on Friday, July 24th, and  Saturday, July 25th from 9 am – 6pm and close out on Sunday, July 26th from Noon-5pm. This month’s Fling was moved to the fourth weekend this month due to an air conditioning repairs.

But if you have always admired the way that Kim Leggett decorates and effortless pulls together a space, here is your opportunity to have City Farmhouse decorate your home.  Yes, City Farmhouse is taking to the road to visit 15 cities -15 spaces-15 makeovers all in just 15 months.  Sign up to be one of the 15 spaces selected for a makeover.  Also, after the makeover is complete, Alyssa Rosenheck–whose work has been featured in Elle Decor, Better Homes & Gardens, Coastal Living, and  Rue, will travel with the Leggetts  to capture the beauty of your makeover for their book.  Yes, this project is book in making that will be published after all the projects are complete. Below are the rules to be considered for a makeover.

Rules for Submission

1. You must live within the city limits in the United States
2. We are particularly interested in high-rises, town homes, apartments, tiny spaces, lofts and the urban spaces.
3. Selection of the properties to be included in the makeover will be at the sole discretion of City Farmhouse.
the Leggetts’ expenses and design services are FREE (on the house); however you will be required to pay for furnishings, accessories, fixtures, and electric and painting services (if required) to complete the makeover.
OPTION ONE: Your minimum budget for the homeowner-paid requirements must be a minimum of $15,000.00 – but the sky is the limit on the other end!
OPTION TWO: Already have farmhouse furnishings and accessories but want to be included in a restyle makeover? If we approve, this restyle makeover minimum budget is $6,000.00.
4. Based upon your budget, the makeover may not include the entire home, apartment, studio, or garden.
You must sign a release granting City Farmhouse permission to complete the makeover in the designated space, permission to photograph and/or video the makeover, both in progress and completion, and to use the images in all publications, books, and online sites, including but not limited to; the book City Farmhouse Style, magazine and newspaper publications, online websites, social media sites, and in all promotional materials advertising the makeover. All images of the makeover become the sole property and rights of City Farmhouse.
5. City Farmhouse will determine at which time the makeover will begin and end and will co-ordinate the makeover with the property owner.
6. City Farmhouse will review the details of the makeover with the property owner and all parties will agree to conform to the guidelines as outlined for the makeover.

The deadline to submit your application is Tuesday, September 1, 2015.  See the City Farmhouse website to submit your application. 

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