City of Fairview Displays New Flag

The City of Fairview has a new flag—a project that has been in the works since Sept 2014.

In September of last year, Ron Rowe approached the City about displaying a flag at an Air Force reunion. In October, an anonymous citizen submitted a design and it was presented to the Board of Commissioners.

new fairview flagThe new flag was first displayed in City Hall on January 6th. The new flag is pictured below.

The background to the Flag design is the TN State Flag with the blue and red color locations switched. The tree portion of the City Seal represents the natural growth of society, nature and Bowie Park. The land beneath the tree represents natural landscape, resources, elevation plateau, surrounding valleys, nearby creeks and rivers. The dimensional scalloped edge surrounding the tree and nature symbol is another element taken from the City Seal.

Also, below the ribbon are three 5 point stars which represent the 3 Tennessee land forms sharing the same meaning as the stars on the Tennessee State Flag. The larger white 5 point star in the middle represents the Tennessee land form where Fairview is located. The large single star also represents Fairview’s District 1 status in Williamson County.

Overlaid on the large single 5 point star is the Cherokee Nation’s Star which is proudly placed to represent the largest Indian Nation to have first inhabited these lands. Below the stars, is the City’s year of incorporation (1959).