The City of Brentwood will host a meeting about the Flagpole Park Project on Monday September 29th at 7:00 pm at the Brentwood Library.  The purpose is to solicit public opinion regarding the undeveloped parkland located at the end of Wikle Road West, which is commonly known as Flagpole Property.  The land is located with the CSX railroad on the west, I-65 and General McArthur Drive on the east, and south of Wikle Road West. The Southern Tract is 8.7 acres with vehicle access through Mallory Park. The Northern Tract is used for passive use by nearby residents, is adjacent to Wikle Road West.  A condition of the Mallory Park Phase 2 development approval is no vehicle access between the two park tracts.  If you want any more information contact Parks Director Dave Blunt at 371-0080