Make Your Table Memorable This Christmas

Are you hosting a Christmas meal this holiday season? If so, look and learn from the gorgeous table Judy Williams and Susan Allan from “Best Table in the House” has assembled for our special Christmas Tablescaping feature.

“I love to decorate tables because it’s a stress relief,” says Williams, who is also a realtor with Crye-Leike, Realtors in Brentwood. “I started when I began collecting dishes a couple years ago.”

Williams, who teams up with her husband and business partner, realtor Dick Williams at Crye-Leike, says when they lived in Washington D.C. and worked in television, they found that entertaining business associates at home proved better than going to a restaurant. “You become more than a client, you become a friend.” Williams says she and her husband love to cook and entertain. “I don’t find it stressful at all,” she points out.


Williams says she came up with the color scheme for her table from the Christmas tree that sits in the corner of her large dining room. “I wanted to use blues, silvers, black, white and a touch of green. My tree theme is peacock and I wanted it to match,” she explains. A beautiful turquoise-colored peacock sits prominently atop her floor-to-ceiling Christmas tree.

Xmas Table 2


When tablescaping, our experts at Best Table in the House say you should always have a focal point. This Christmas Tablescape is a wonderful and unexpected mix of colors that aren’t the traditional greens and reds. The focal point is a stunning large, custom-blown etched glass bowl set prominently in the center of the round table. It’s filled with turquoise bulb ornaments, with a subtle, flickering candle in the center that provides soft light. Large, colored ornaments surround the bowl.

The base of the bowl consists of gorgeous layered glass, which provides essential height at the center of the table. The bowl is set on a wonderful grouping of cotton and flocked branches, and colorful peacock feathers. Williams recalls that she purchased this unique bowl at a local art sale, and it was made by Fuhrman Glass Studios in Woodbury, Tennessee.


For the place settings, Best Table in the House positioned elegant, round dinner plates by Arthur Courte – Earthen Metalware, that feature raised swirled decorative metal along the lip, on top of two square chargers sitting at different angles. In keeping with the color scheme, one charger is turquoise and the other green. A smaller gold,
square plate for appetizers sits on top of the dinner plate. Sitting on top of the Xmas Table 6appetizer plate is a glass bowl to be used for soup or an appetizer. Inside the bowl sit the dinner napkins. It’s a perfect example of how to mix color, size and texture, which is so important in tablescaping.

“You don’t have to buy expensive plates. Some of the prettiest solid plates I have I bought at Target,” says Williams. “It’s about how everything on the table looks together. You don’t want to match your plates – mix them up.”

The stemware is an unexpected and eclectic mix of black water glasses that contrast well with the linens, and wine glasses that are blue at the bottom but gradually fade to clear at the top – truly chic.


Williams wrapped a sheer green chiffon square around the white napkin and placed a different napkin ring around each to secure them. Each napkin ring is unique. The designs included gold and silver sparkle with beaded sides, and brushed gold and brushed silver with embellishments on top, such as colorful beads. “I don’t necessarily like everything to match,” notes Williams.

Xmas Table 5

“I like to have a little sparkle and bling in my settings,” adds Williams. The sparkle in the soft black tablecloth adds interest and sophistication. Underneath it is a green textured tablecloth, barely noticeable, but the color subtly adds to the overall scheme — and our experts at Best Table in the House say layering is always an important part of dressing a fine table.


The table is finished with the use of black candles that provide soft lighting. Small, delicate green Christmas trees with little blue ornaments are fittingly placed on the table. Beautiful, white and turquoise reindeer of different heights also are set on the table, which adds height variance and also compliments the Christmas theme. In addition, Fuhrman Glass Studios also made the little glass knife holders placed at each setting. “I collect salt cellars and I will have those all over the table,” says Williams. “I collected those from all over the world and each guest will have their own salt.” What a great conversation piece.

“A lot of people think they have to go out and buy things to put on their table. I just look around my house and use what I have,” reveals Williams. She used small, colorful glass candies spread around the table to add interest. “You can put any little thing you collect on the table to add a pop of color.”

Let this Christmas Tablescape from Best Table in the House inspire you this season.


Susan Allan and Judy Williams "Best Table in the House"
Susan Allan and Judy Williams
Best Table in the House

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