Christ Presbyterian Academy Announces Ingle Martin as New Athletic Director

Christ Presbyterian Academy (CPA) announces the appointment of Head Varsity Football Coach Ingle Martin as the school’s new Athletic Director. Martin brings to the role 11 years of experience coaching and teaching at the Academy, as well as his vision for transformational coaching in all areas of athletic programming.

Martin succeeds the Academy’s founding Athletic Director Mike Ellson in the Office of Athletics and will continue to forge mission-centric leadership of coaches, teams, and individual student-athletes, while also maintaining his position as Varsity Head Football Coach.

InsideOut Coaching, a cornerstone of Martin’s coaching philosophy, advocates for athletics to provide students with spiritual growth and moral development. His belief that coaches must move beyond defining success by the scoreboard and create space for sports to be centered on a higher purpose will continue to drive the paradigm of the program. Martin will equip coaches to cultivate leadership, empathy, drive, and sportsmanship in CPA student-athletes.

“Ingle Martin has spent the last decade fostering a life-giving and transformational culture within the largest team on campus. That atmosphere, grown through his authentic relationships with other coaches and players, has spread organically throughout the program and the Academy. This influence has helped clarify the purpose of CPA Athletics: to see the lives of students transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to compete to our highest potential. Ingle will foster the culture of CPA Athletics while keeping it anchored to the broader mission of CPA. I am excited to see what our future holds with him in this role,” says Head of School Nate Morrow.

“My family has been so blessed to be a part of the CPA community, and we are humbled by the opportunity to work with our outstanding coaches and families. Working here the last 11 years with our founding Athletic Director Mike Ellson has shown me how God works through athletics in a school environment. We are excited to continue this work of carrying out the mission of the Academy while watching how God uses success and failure to mold us into who we are meant to be,” says Martin.

For questions, email [email protected]. For further comments, email Ingle Martin directly at [email protected].

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