Chris Janson is Bringing Good Vibes to Leiper’s Fork Christmas Parade

Leipers Fork Christmas Parade
photo by Donna Vissman

Chris Janson was named the grand marshal for the 2021 Leipers Fork Christmas Parade taking place on Sunday, Dec. 12 at 2 pm, a reschedule from Saturday, Dec. 11.

The last time Janson appeared in the parade was in 2019 where he, along with the Franklin High School fishing team, gave fishing poles to kids along the route.

“I love the Leiper’s Fork community and I’m a part-time resident there myself and I’m extra proud to be the grand marshal this year.”

And since Janson is back, we asked if the fishing poles giveaway is back for another year. Janson not only said yes they are back but they will be giving away even more than they did in 2019.

Partnering with the Bass Pro Shop, Janson asked CEO Johnny Morris if they would be interested in giving away more fishing poles than previously. Janson says, “Morris loves kids and his whole motto is to take a kid fishing, you will be glad you did.”

“I’m a huge advocate of the outdoors and fishing is a great way to introduce kids to the outdoors,” continued Janson.

And since Janson loves fishing, we asked if he would give up his favorite fishing holes to which he answered the Harpeth River is a go-to and on his property. And for the beginner who might receive their first fishing pole on Sunday, Janson says the most important thing is to have fun saying, “that’s the biggest tip you could get from anybody is to have fun, it’s a good day fishing even if you aren’t catching anything.”

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, Janson says this is his favorite time of year but there’s no holiday music from the artist this year; he is working on his fourth studio album to be released in early 2022. The latest single just released “Bye Mom” is the real-life story of co-writer Brandon Kinney, who lost his mother late last year.

In the music video filmed in Watertown, co-writer Kinney is the main character with his family, where his children playing younger versions of himself and his wife is starring as the titular mom. Janson said, “When songs make you feel something that’s how you know you have a good one.” And the response from fans has been overwhelming.

But on Sunday, Janson says it’s all about the kids and putting a smile on kids’ faces.

Be sure to look for Janson on a boat pulled by Bass Pro Shop Truck where he expects they will be playing his song”Good Vibes.” He added, “that’s what it’s all about, keeping those good vibes going and bringing holiday cheer and keeping the holiday spirit alive.”

“Leiper’ Fork is the classic country Christmas, it’s kinda the pinnacle of the season and I’m so grateful to be a part of the event. I love Williamson County, I love living here, this is my home, I plan to live and die here.”