Chef Maneet Chauhan and the team behind Chauhan Ale & Masala House are thrilled to welcome Chef Aatul Jain as Corporate Executive Chef and Partner for Chauhan Ale & Masala House as well as Chef Maneet’s two additional restaurant concepts set to open later this year. Chef Aatul is currently overseeing the kitchen at Chauhan and he will be actively involved in developing the menus for the new establishments.

Chef Aatul relocated to Nashville from New York City where he earned a name for himself in the Indian food scene working with Michelin-starred restaurants Tulsi and Devi, and with chefs like Hemant Mathur, Vikas Khanna, Sanjeev Kapoor, to name a few.

“We are so pleased to bring the talent of Chef Aatul to Nashville and to our team” says Chef Maneet.“After watching him fiercely compete on ‘Chopped’ and learning more about his extensive culinary career, I knew I wanted to work with him. And now it’s finally happening!”

“My passion for food, cooking and hospitality started early, with influence from my grandfather and mother,” says Chef Aatul. “To pursue a culinary career has been my dream come true and joining Maneet’s team is most certainly icing on the cake!”

Similar to Chef Maneet, Chef Aatul attended WelcomGroup School, India’s premier institution in culinary arts and hotel management. Upon graduating with a degree in hospitality management, he started off his career at the flagships of multinational stalwarts such as the Taj Group and WelcomGroup-Sheraton Hotels. His core foundation in Indian and Continental cuisines was established during this time.

To further his culinary education, Aatul attended the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, New York as did Chef Maneet. After graduating with top honors, he apprenticed at Lespinasse under renowned Chef Gray Kunz, and gained valuable experience as Sous Chef alongside his tandoor mentor Chef Hemant at Devi. He has also worked with culinary powerhouses Marcus Samuelsson and Suvir Saran as well as the aforementioned chefs, Kapoor and Khanna, honing his knowledge in contemporary European, Indian and American cuisines.

Due to his interest in health and wellness as it relates to food and nutrition, Chef Aatul has also held leadership culinary positions at Sodexo, Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Saint Clare’s Health System. These experiences have given him expertise and insight into the wide realm of volume food service operations from simplistic operations with limited resources to luxurious, fine dining events for top tier corporate executives. As a result, he is a gold and two-time bronze medal winner at the Association for Healthcare Foodservice’s National Culinary Contest.

With his vast experience, Chef Aatul is guaranteed to be a valuable leader in Nashville’s global culinary landscape, sharing his knowledge of the balance between international and American cuisines.

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