franklin high cheer

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High school cheer teams from around the state gathered at the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) State Cheer Championships November 17.

RHS cheer
Ravenwood High’s cheer team

Franklin High School’s junior varsity cheer team won first place in their category.

“We coaches couldn’t be more proud of this group of young athletes,” said Franklin High cheerleading coach Shannon Freud. “They continue to impress us with their competitiveness on performance days.”

Ravenwood High’s cheer team earned the state championship title for the sixth year in a row in the Medium Varsity Division.

“The girls are extremely proud to be able to achieve their sixth straight state championship win,” said RHS cheer coach Stephanie Dykes. “This team has a large group of seniors, five of which have been a part of this team for all four years of their high school career. The girls dedicate multiple hours a week to perfect their skills.”

Centennial High competition cheer team
Centennial High competition cheer team

The Centennial High competition cheer team won first in the Large Varsity Division. They are coached by Melissa Bull.

All three schools will compete in February against other nationally-ranked teams at the National High School Cheerleading Championship in Florida.