Check in on Facebook and Provide a Meal for a Child in Need

By Heather Listhartke

Many of us wish that we could do more to help the communities around us and around the world that are in need. With the help of social media, many churches and organizations are able to create easy ways for people to help.

Every month, The Village Church in Nolensville, partners with a different organization and uses the check-in feature on Facebook to raise funds to help those in need. Past organizations have included Soles4Souls, Compassion International, and Save the Children.

During the month of November, they have partnered with FeedOne, which is a branch of the non-profit Convoy of Hope. Together the two groups help people around the world out of hunger and poverty by providing meals, education, and relief supplies for natural disasters. For every two check-ins that you make during November, one child is provided with a meal in Haiti. This is just another way that The Village and FeedOne is working to help those that have been affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Convoy of Hope and FeedOne have helped more than 70 million people worldwide including countries like El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, the Philippines, and even the U.S. with programs dedicated to equip and educate people about self-sustaining communities. They teach them how to utilize their resources to grow food, have clean water, and repair or build the necessary community buildings such as schools and community centers.

Currently, FeedOne and Convoy of Hope have been working with their partnerships to help those in Haiti, the U.S., and other areas affected by Hurricane Matthew to rebuild by providing support both financially and through volunteers. They continue to need donations and volunteers to help fund, organize events, and aid the growing communities that they serve. For more information or stories of the children they help, you can visit FeedOne’s website; or if you want to help the larger organization, you can visit the website for Convoy of Hope. And Don’t forget to check-in when you visit The Village Church to help provide meals for children in Haiti.