Charles Esten Plays Sold Out Show in Franklin

Charles Esten
credit-Charles Esten

Saturday, Charles Esten, known for his role as Deacon on the TV show “Nashville”, played a sold out show at the Franklin Theatre, where he sang the songs of his TV character.

Hours before his show, he posted a Facebook Live:

“Loading in and getting ready to sound check for tonight’s very first performance of ‘Deacon at The Franklin: Charles Esten Sings The Songs of Deacon Claybourne.’ On guitar, beside me, the man that played most all of the parts, my brother, the great @colinlindenmusic!”

It continues by saying, “Unfortunately, there won’t be any audience video or streaming allowed tonight. We WILL, however, be live streaming two songs (1 from each set) on Facebook Live.” Watch the video below where you can see Charles Esten walking thru the theatre hours before his show.

Just as promised Esten shared two songs live on his Facebook page. The first was “Playing Tricks” with Colin Linden. While introducing Linden, Esten referred to him as a “soulful, heartfelt, deeply gifted guitar player” and explained how Linden helped him learn the guitar parts for his songs on “Nashville” by giving him videos.

Watch the two perform below. Esten will continue to tour and perform, visit his website for the latest tour updates here, he will also host the T. J. Martell charity event at the Omni Hotel in Nashville on March 26th.

If you have heard yet, Nashies, the loyal fans of the show, mark your calendar for the last eight episodes in the series which will begin on June 7th with the finale airing on July 28th. CMT announced there will be two new characters added – Ronny Cox will play Gideon, a recently reformed alcoholic, and Mia Maestro will play Rosa, a dedicated follower of Darius’ (Josh Stamberg) Movement. The show “Nashville” first aired on ABC in 2012 for four seasons. When ABC dropped the show, Nashies petitioned for the show to be saved and CMT decided to pick it up for their fifth season before announcing its cancellation. Follow “Nashville” on CMT Facebook page for the latest updates.