City of Brentwood 20th Anniversary Float
20th Anniversary Float

We all groan when the topic of moving comes up, but sometimes long forgotten treasures can appear. In the process of moving to a new office, a box full of photographs from the 1980s and 1990s, long forgotten, appeared at the Chamber of Commerce. In the box were pictures from Brentwood’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations, just in time to be shared during this 50th Anniversary. It is almost like a time capsule.

The 20th Anniversary photos are from 1989, with all of its big shoulders and mall hair. From the long-lost photo story, and a few recollections, the celebration seems very much like what Brentwood is doing this year for the 50th. There was a parade, and there was entertainment. Tom T. Hall performed, and Anne Holt, the news commentator, emceed the event. There also appears to have been some event during the holidays tied to the celebrations.

“The event took place at the Brentwood Library when it was in Maryland Farms,” said Linda Lynch, former Brentwood Communications Director. “We had many, many celebrations over the years, including for the 30th and 40th Anniversaries of Brentwood becoming a city.”
Here are several photos from the collection.

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