Celebrate National Pineapple Day at Honest Coffee Roaster

Honest Coffee Roasters
credit-Nathan Pirkle

National Pineapple Day is Wednesday, June 27, and Honest Coffee Roasters is offering guests $1 off the summer signature beverage “The Mele,” which was just released last week.

The Mele is a product of Honest’s most recent seasonal staff contest, where employees gather together for an evening of creativity and friendly competition. Each team member presents a seasonal drink concept, and the winning beverages receive a spot on Honest’s rotating menu. The Mele was created by Chase Bobier, a senior at MTSU who works at Honest part-time.

“My inspiration for The Mele actually came from Christmas,” Bobier said. “I was listening to music and randomly came across Zoe Deschanel’s version of ‘Mele Kalikimaka,’ and the song got stuck in my head. I originally wanted the drink to be a Christmas special, but when I let my workmates taste it, they fell in love and encouraged me to submit it for the summer menu.”

The fruity drink has a coffee soda base mixed with pineapple simple syrup, ginger and a small amount of turmeric. Bobier describes the beverage as very pineapple-forward with a silky, sweet taste and light, bubbly texture.

Bobier aspires to work in the coffee business long-term, and he says that the opportunity to learn from Honest’s exceptional leadership has increased his knowledge of the industry exponentially.

“Working at Honest has put me years ahead of where I thought I’d be with coffee industry, and I’ve had a chance to assist in teaching Honest’s monthly Barista Certification Class, which I love,” Bobier said.

Most of all, Bobier has developed a deep respect for the holistic process of producing premium, ethically sourced coffee, which is the hallmark of Honest’s business.

“Everything here is about craft and community,” Bobier said. “Community plays into craft because we understand that coffee comes from people––people grow it, mill it, roast it and they’re in every step between seed and cup. When I hand a cup to a customer, it’s not just me presenting that coffee. I am the last touchpoint to the entire industry of baristas, farmers, rowers and more, and I want to represent those people well.”

Honest Coffee Roasters is located inside The Factory at Franklin, 230 Franklin Road, Franklin. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.