Harvey Battle of Franklin Trust

Animalia Health & Wellness and The Battle of Franklin Trust welcome Harvey, the beloved mascot of the 104th Ohio Volunteer Infantry to the Carter House. Through the generosity of Animalia, a bronze sculpture of Harvey is the first tangible component completed for the new Carter House museum and will be unveiled on Oct. 24.

The 104th Ohio was located on the main Federal line of defense south of Franklin, positioned near Fountain Branch Carter’s cotton gin, on the afternoon of November 30, 1864. Harvey was well known and mentioned by soldiers. Adam Weaver of Company ‘I’ wrote, “The regiment’s mascot, old dog Harvey, just paid us a visit.  He somehow always looks me up.  After a little bite and a hand pat too, moves on to Company ‘F’ boys.”

Battle of Franklin Trust Curator Joanna Stephens wanted to recreate Harvey because of the humanity that animals bring to the very tragic and chaotic wartime period in America. Dogs and their loyalties to humans speak to all demographics. Animalia means “with soul,” which is how Animalia Health & Wellness approaches every pet and their individualized medical needs. Striving to offer a peaceful retreat for animals, Animalia Health & Wellness has a genuine love and kindness for the animal kingdom. This commonality made this unexpected partnership perfect.

Artist Janel Maher of Janel Maher Fine Art, known for capturing the heart, soul, and very essence in her sculptures, brought Harvey to life so all future visitors could experience the beloved mascot.

The unveiling will take place at 6 p.m. at the Carter House Visitor Center, 1140 Columbia Ave. This event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be provided by Menu Maker Catering and Triple Crown Bakery. For more information, please contact [email protected].  For more information about Animalia Health & Wellness, please visit www.animaliawellness.com.

About The Battle of Franklin Trust
The Battle of Franklin Trust is a 501(c)3 management corporation acting on behalf of Franklin’s battlefield sites to contribute to a greater understanding and enrich the visitor experience of the November 30, 1864 battle. It is organized for the charitable and educational purposes of preserving, restoring, maintaining and interpreting the properties, artifacts and documents related to the battle so as to preserve an important part of the nation’s history.