Carpooling Just Became Easier in Brentwood with “Hytch” a Ride

Traffic Congestion During Rush Hour

Hytch LLC, a technology company dedicated to reducing traffic and easing congestion in the greater Nashville region, has partnered with H.G. Hill Realty Company to offer its ridesharing program at Hill Center Brentwood.

Hytch Ride Sharing Program in Brentwood
photo credit-Matt Largen Twitter

The ridesharing app offers free, easy-to-use technology to help commuter employees locate, meet and reward other drivers traveling in the same direction at corresponding times. Hytch users review profiles and ratings of both drivers and riders, chat with prospective matches, arrange to share the cost of the commute, and more, using their smartphone.

“Hill Center Brentwood was designed as a walkable lifestyle center with access to green space, parks and recreation, and connectivity to additional retail and restaurant options,” said H.G. Hill Realty Company Chairman and CEO, Jimmy Granbery. “Adding this commuting program fits well with our desire to encourage alternative transportation options for employees.” In addition to free parking for employees at the center, there are on-site bike racks and two charging stations for electronic vehicles.

H.G. Hill Realty Company is supporting the six-month pilot program by offering participating employees transportation reimbursement incentives of up to $50 per month. There are also two dedicated parking spots in Hill Center Brentwood’s parking garage for Hytch drivers.

“Nashville has a traffic problem – a car-centric problem that needs a car-centric solution,” said Hytch Co-Founder and CEO Mark Cleveland. “Thought leaders are also action takers. It’s time to reward people who share the ride. Working with H.G. Hill Realty Company we can get two people in the car – it’s our only goal!”

For information on the first true ride-sharing app in Tennessee, visit and follow @HytchMe (#HytchMe).

Hill Center Brentwood has rapidly opened new places for Williamson County residents to eat and shop. Recently, Dress Up, Hemline, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, Paper Source, fab’rik have all opened their doors.