Carnivore Meat Company Expands

Carnivore Meat Company

Carnivore Meat Company is expanding its location inside The Factory, not only offering customers more space but also a new (highly requested) product.

The expansion means Carnivore Meat Company will now have a storefront on the hallway in The Factory next door to CR-71. By opening the wall between their spaces, they will expand their space and be able to offer more to their customers.


“Since our move to The Factory two years ago we have had many people asking if we do sandwiches – our philosophy is that if your customers keep asking for something you don’t provide you should probably consider doing it…It also provides us with another avenue to promote our products since all the meats are made in-house,” said co-owner Virginia Botha. Sandwiches will be offered during normal business hours.

While there are no speciality sandwiches, Botha said, “We are quickly becoming known for the brisket sandwich in particular.”

Customers can customize their sandwich by selecting their choice of meat which includes brisket, pastrami, salami or sausage along with a selection of cheese and toppings.  Sandwiches will be offered during normal business hours.

Carnivore Meat CompanyCarnivore Meat Company offers high quality, fresh cuts of meat with no antibiotics. They even make their own sausages and dried meats. The most popular dried meat they offer is biltong, a South African dried meat made popular by Willie Robertson on the show “Duck Dynasty.”

Carnivore Meat Market, originally named Carnivore Market began in downtown Franklin when husband-wife owners, Virginia and B.J. Botha opened a 500 square foot South African market on Columbia Avenue almost four years ago. The couple once lived in South Africa where they owned a BBQ restaurant but returned to the states to open Carnivore Market. They moved into The Factory in June 2016.

Hours of operation for Carnivore Meat Company are Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm and Saturday 9am – 2pm.

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