Burger Up Adds Vegan Burger to Menu

Burger Up Vegan Burger

Burger Up Cool Springs’ first-ever vegan burger has landed a permanent spot on its recently released new menu.

Featuring a made-from-scratch patty with chickpea, quinoa, oatmeal and rice, the vegan burger is topped with avocado, dairy-free ranch, tomato, mixed greens and vegan cheese, all on a vegan wheat bun. The entrée, served with vegan fries, is $12. (Guests may substitute a vegetable skewer as a side for $1 upcharge.)

Vinny Tardo, director of operations for the restaurant, said that the burger is an excellent option for guests who may have dietary requirements or food allergies.

“Several months ago, we tried the vegan burger as a weekly special, and the response was overwhelmingly positive,” Tardo said. “Not only does the meal contain healthy, wholesome ingredients, but it has excellent flavor and taste. Though I’m not a vegan, I’ve been known to opt for the vegan burger from time to time!”

The vegan burger is a fitting addition for Burger Up Cool Springs, a restaurant that prioritizes healthy and clean ingredients, often sourced from local farms throughout Middle Tennessee. Plus, the eatery is always looking for ways to demonstrate its commitment to offering meal options for guests with dietary restrictions or special preferences.

Rounding out the eatery’s new features are the “Burgerita” specialty cocktail — made with Dulce Vida organic tequila, fresh lime juice, agave nectar and an agavero orange liqueur floater with fresh orange zest — and for dessert, a banana milkshake.

“We want Burger Up Cool Springs to be a place where everyone can find a meal they love,” Tardo said. “Our team has had so much fun creating these new menu items over the past few months, and we hope our guests enjoy them as much as we do.”

BURGER UP COOL SPRINGS is a community-driven burger joint committed to serving fresh, innovative burgers made from locally sourced ingredients. Since opening in 2011, Burger Up has been known as a lively gathering spot for family and friends of all ages, offering a high-quality menu in a casual dining atmosphere. Learn more at burgerupcoolsprings.com.

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