Building The Ultimate Garage: Flooring

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There are few things that people who love their cars would not do for their car. But if you have a beautiful car, why would you put it in an unfinished garage? Whether you are a car person or have a gearhead in your life, we’re here to show you how to get your garage up to the same level as the car.

Today’s Ultimate Garage Guide begins from the bottom up with flooring. When you’re ready to get starting on your garage re-do,visit MILES Auto Spa and they’ll help you customize your garage.

The most economical way to put in a new floor in one’s garage is an epoxy coating. An epoxy flooring adds some coloring (if you so choose), resists stains, beads waters, and wipes cleans. One issue with epoxy flooring is that, if antiskid additives are not included in the sealing, the coating makes the garage floor particularly slick on wet days. The other drawback to epoxy is the time necessary to apply the flooring. Before applying, the floor must be cleaned and scrubbed of stains. After cleaning, coats of epoxy must be applied over multiple days. The entire process can take up to 4 days.

The more common garage flooring for the ultimate garage in recent years has been modular flooring. Modular flooring comes available in many designs, colors, and even textures. Companies such as Race Deck have flooring that can be installed with very little time and effort, thanks to their interlocking design. Modular flooring also allows for easy cleaning and avoids the potential slipperiness of epoxy floors. Beyond their polymer material flooring, some companies also offer a carpet flooring to give the garage a clean, refined look.

Whether an epoxy floor or a modular floor would work best in your garage, a finished floor helps to provide a proper area to show off and work on your car. If you want to customize and create the ultimate garage for your dream car, MILES Auto Spa offers garage specialists to speak with you about what would be the best garage for you.

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