Smith Park Barn

Citizens familiar with the Marcella Vivrette Smith Park know the old white and red barn that sits on the property along Wilson Pike. It’s been there since the City purchased the property in 2010. Over the years, families have used the red barn doors as a backdrop for family photos at the holidays, high school graduations, weddings and engagements.

The original barn was built in the early 1900s as a horse barn, but over the years has undergone several improvements. Due to its deteriorating condition, Parks staff have advised that it must be replaced. Parks Director Dave Bunt said, “we have been using it to store equipment for years, but structurally, it needs to be replaced. The new 2,400 square foot building will have more storage and include electricity which will allow staff to use the indoors during the cold winter months.” The original barn doors will be saved and placed somewhere else in the park for photos. The material used to build the building will be a HardiPlank, which is durable and aesthetically pleasing, and include a metal roof. The new barn will also be white with a red roof to match the nearby Ravenswood Mansion.

At its regular meeting on Monday, May 11, the Brentwood City Commission approved a contract with Stubblefield Construction LLC for a total cost of $239,000. The project will include the demolition, new building construction and the addition of an ADA accessible restroom. The funds will come from the Capital Improvement fund budget.

“The contractor offered an affordable demolition price, because they will use the old barn wood for other reconstruction projects,” Bunt added. The demolition could begin sometime in the next 30 days with construction beginning mid-June to July, and an estimated completion around late summer.


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