Check Out Brentwood’s First Mural

Brentwood Mural
photo by Donna Vissman

A new mural is in the works in Brentwood. Located at 7030 Executive Drive in Brentwood. You can’t miss the bright blue background at City Park on the side of Suki Sushi.

Each year, Leadership Brentwood teams select a project to give back to the community, and this year’s project will be used by the community for years to come.

“As our team brainstormed to come up with an idea, we wanted to do something that would appeal to all age groups and be an attraction for many years, but we also wanted to do something trendy,” shared Kelly Kirchhoff, Brentwood Leadership team member.

“As we discussed the idea of the mural, we all loved the idea. We then began researching to determine if the idea was viable. We explored different artists, costs, and the process of painting a mural, digging deep into how Nashville began its mural process. We thought that all businesses would love to be the first in Brentwood with a mural and to have an attraction to draw a crowd and potential customers.”

Final approval for the project was given in October by the City of Brentwood for the project. Three different renderings were submitted with the same design but different colors of backgrounds, the bright blue design won final approval.

April James, a Williamson County resident, was selected as the mural artist. The goal of the mural was to include historical sites and landmarks that represent Brentwood.

“April James was very open and willing to work through the process as she is a Williamson County resident. Of course, she loved the idea of the mural. Also, April has a website and we loved the work we saw there. She agreed to create any design based on ideas we would present,” said Kirchhoff.

Sponsors for the mural include Williamson Inc, City Park Brentwood, Davita, and Rotary Clubs of Brentwood.

The Leadership Brentwood Class of 2019 project team members includes Darek Baskin, Jennifer Bourne, Jason Holley, Kelly Kirchhoff, Laura Tunnicliffe, Jen Vogus,  and T. Jay Warner.