Brentwood Crime Report: Jan. 5-11, ’18

brentwood crime

From January 5 to 11, there were 7 crimes reported to Brentwood Police

Theft from Motor Vehicle

1/7 at 4 p.m.- at 1825 Wilson; Wallet and purse with
contents taken; Front and rear drivers side windows broken

Suspect: None

1/10 at 2:30 p.m.- at 920 Heritage Way; Backpack & purse with contents stolen; Front passenger side window broken

Suspect: None


1/10 at 5 p.m.- at 508 Sunberry Ct.; Vehicle, both mirrors and brake light damaged

Suspect: identified, charges pending


1/8 at 8:53- at 210 Franklin Rd.; Kroger Pharmacy; Prescription medication stolen

Suspect: held pharmacy employee at gunpoint took prescription drugs from safe. Black male, aged 20 to 30, height 5’7″-5’10”; description: thin wearing dark jacket blue hat and white surgical type mask

General Theft

1/6 at 6:25 p.m.- at 1618 Galleria Blvd.; Old Navy Clothing; Shoplifting

Suspect: 2 black femals left in white Cadillac

1/9 at midnight-  Currency Wire fraud – funds unintentionally sent to fraudulent accounts

Suspect: None

1/9 at 7 p.m.- at 8005 Moores Lane; Outback Steakhouse Food;

Suspects: Ate dinner and left without paying; Black male, height 6’0″; wearing gray hoodie white jeans & shoes; White female, height 5’9″; wearing gray jumpsuit left in red Dodge sedan