traffic special report headerBrentwood is addressing one of the most dangerous portions of their roads by approving a resolution at the August City Commission meeting to authorize work to be done at the intersection of Ragsdale and Sunset.

Over the summer the commission passed Resolution 2015-58 authorizing the city to work with Sullivan Engineering Inc. for the design and engineering of the intersection that has one of the highest crash rates in the city. The improvements include widening and re-aligning the roads.

The project will try and eliminate a sharp curve on Ragsdale Road, where it crosses over Owl Creek. This section has been responsible for multiple injury related crashes over the past several years.

While neighborhoods like Glenellen will be affected by the road work, and will experience the most inconvenience, the goal as stated by the City Manager Kirk Bednar at the commission meeting, “We will work through concerns. Most people understand the need for safety.”

The project is set to begin during the summer of 2016. The estimated budget for the project is $551,150. Between surveys, design and engineering costs, the city knows that there will have to be changes made in utilities along the roads, and this too will affect some of the subdivisions.

Special Report: Williamson County Traffic