Brentwood Secures Grant for Traffic Management

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The Tennessee Department of Transportation announced this week that the City of Brentwood has been awarded a $216,000 no-match grant for a traffic signal timing study on its major corridors.

The funds, which come from the federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement program, are being provided to improve traffic flow along four primary roadways: Concord Road, Moores Lane, Wilson Pike, and Murray Lane. This is in addition to the joint Brentwood/Metro study already in progress for Old Hickory Boulevard, Maryland Way/Church Street, and Franklin Road.

There are thirty one (31) intersections with signals included in the study, and four (4) timing plans will be developed for each. The goal of the project is to get vehicles moving as efficiently as possible through these intersections, especially during peak-hour traffic.

The new study is just one of several important transportation-related projects the City is pursuing in response to community input received during the Brentwood 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update process. During that process, citizen surveys identified traffic on major streets as the most important concern of Brentwood residents. In response, the Brentwood City Commission included $2.1M in new, small-scale transportation projects in the FY 2016 Budget. The first of these improvements, the addition of a turn lane at Granny White Pike and Murray Lane, has already been completed. Other projects are currently in the design phase, with construction slated for later in the fiscal year.

City officials expect it will take a number of weeks to process the required paperwork and obtain the approvals necessary to proceed. A project kick-off date will be set once the required approval steps are completed.

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