Brentwood Principal Responds to “Disturbing” Social Media Post

Brentwood High School

Brentwood High School principal Kevin Keidel is calling a social media post made by a Brentwood High student “disturbing and heartbreaking.”

The post mentions Black Lives Matters (BLM) and uses an offensive word. The post appears to be made in part due to the upcoming rivalry game (“Battle of the Woods”) between Brentwood and Ravenwood football teams.

“There is a disturbing and honestly heart breaking picture circulating on social media that I want to address with each and every one of you. Frankly, I see the post as racist and offensive. While I acknowledge that it is the week of the Battle of the Woods, and some of the choices made during this week aren’t wise, there is no excuse for this type of behavior no matter when it was done or when it was shared,” writes Brentwood High Principal Kevin Keidel in an email to parents.

“When you participate in, retweet, share, post or comment on social media, you can be part of the problem or part of the solution. Something you think is funny may be hurtful to someone else, so why would you want to do that? If you stand by and witness bad behavior, you miss an opportunity to be better. You have the power to build bridges, mend fences and be leaders for good in our school, community and world. I believe that you can be better. I believe we can all be better.

This type of behavior does not represent our student body, school or district. No matter the reason, it is not acceptable and will not be tolerated,” Keidel adds.

Williamson County Schools Communications Director Carol Birdsong says the district echoes and supports the message Mr. Keidel sent to students and families.


    • Ric, to anyone willing to use basic comprehension skills, it is plain to see that the content of this article was exactly what the headline described. No opinion of the author was inferred. The bulk of the article was a direct quote of the principal’s response to a social media post. The headline was ‘Brentwood Principal Responds to “Disturbing” Social Media Post’.

      That the author put the word “disturbing” in quotes infers that she is not inserting her own opinion here, but that it was elsewhere described as disturbing, in this case by the principal in question.

      It is sad that you are displaying a disturbingly common disdain for higher education.

      There is little to object to in this article, since it is essentially all Principal Keidel’s denouncement of racism in the school. There is no place for racism in Williamson County Schools. Your objection to the article carries with it a high likelihood that you do not strongly share this opinion.

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