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So, if you work or live anywhere in Brentwood, just thinking about Maryland Way, Old Hickory Blvd or Franklin Road at 5 o’clock can make you shudder.

The city of Brentwood is trying to do something about it. A week and a half ago the City of Brentwood and Metropolitan Nashville/Davidson County hosted a public meeting to present the recommendations from a traffic study of the Old Hickory Boulevard corridor in southern Davidson County and the Maryland Way and Franklin Road corridors in Brentwood. A copy of the public meeting presentation is available below.

The project scope included: traffic counts, signal timing evaluation, modeling of signal systems, recommendations for improvements, and signal equipment evaluation. The project involved study and evaluation of 36 intersections. Intersections along Granny White Pike and a portion of Church Street are also included.

The study focused on providing a way to reduce traffic, be it through building new roads, new signage or, especially, coordinated and optimizing traffic signals.

They studied five corridors, 35 signalized intersections and came up with eight custom coordinated plans. They also found ways to optimize yellow and all-red settings, updated pedestrian walk-don’t walk settings and, especially important, standardized and synchronized between metro Nashville and Brentwood.

Here are some major intersections they analyzed and their recommendations:


Franklin Road and Town Center

Franklin Road and Town Centre
-Change pavement markings to include thru/left lane and separate right turn lane
-Add dotted white guide line for Westbound through movement
-Install westbound right turn overlap phase.

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Franklin Rd and Maryland Way

Franklin Road and Maryland Way
-Install narrow median for Franklin Road.
-Install narrow median for Maryland Way.
-Improve Crosswalk Marking on North, South, and West sides

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Maryland Way and West Park

Maryland Way and West Park Drive
-Install signs and pavement marings as shown for southbound approach (see image)
-Install southbound right turn overlap for southbound right lane
-Modify southbound right vehicle detection
-Install pavement markings for northbound approach [gap height=”20″]

Maryland Way and Ward Circle

Maryland Way and Ward Circle
-Modify left turn phasing on Ward Circle to be permissive only
-Install northbound right turn overlap for northbound right lane
-Modify northbound right vehicle detection
-Install crosswalk for northbound pedestrian crossingInstall Yield marking for channledized wesbound right turn

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Brentwood and Nashville will consider when and how to implement the plans at upcoming meetings.

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