Brentwood Launches Open for Takeout Interactive Restaurant Map

Le Skewer
Le Skewer, 330 Franklin Rd, Brentwood

To encourage the community to continue supporting local businesses in Brentwood during the Coronavirus pandemic, the City of Brentwood is launching an “Open for Takeout” initiative. The City of Brentwood declared a state of emergency March 21, 2020 which through an executive order meant closing dining service inside restaurants and bars across Brentwood. “This new initiative is to help those businesses during these tough times,” said City Manager Kirk Bednar. “What better day to launch this but on March 24, which is being called The Great American Takeout, that urges every American to order at least one delivery or pick-up meal today and continue ordering from restaurants throughout the crisis,” Bednar added.

The first part of this initiative is to survey restaurants and find out which establishments are open, which are closed, and which offer takeout, curbside, delivery and drive through options while practicing social distancing. We encourage every Brentwood restaurant owner to take the survey here. Once a person completes the survey, the information will be placed on this interactive map located on the city’s website.

“This feedback is critical to identifying the needs of our business community, and helping to support them in this difficult time, “said Brentwood Vice-Mayor Ken Travis.