Brentwood High Students Share Dolly Parton Exclusive

From inFocus

How many high school students can say they’ve interviewed a world-famous celebrity like Dolly Parton?

Three Brentwood High School students can now add that to their resume. Seniors Alex Wells, Jack Wilson and Audrey Green are students in Ronnie Adcock’s TV and Film program. Thanks to a family connection, the students were able to sit down with the legendary entertainer to talk about her new million-dollar venture.

“My dad, Kent Wells, is Dolly’s producer and lead guitarist,” said Alex. “He’s been playing with her since the late 80’s, and I’ve known her my entire life. In July, my dad told me Dolly’s manager, Danny Nozell, was working on plans to build a sound stage here in Middle Tennessee. When we started coming up with ideas for news stories, I remembered that and set it all up.”

The interview itself took place in early November, and for Audrey, it was a moment she’ll never forget.

“Before Dolly walked in the room, I was really nervous about interviewing such a famous person,” said Audrey. “But once she walked in, she gave us all hugs and we were instantly at ease. The interview felt really casual, like you were talking to a regular person. The one thing we regret is not getting a picture with her.”

Now that the editing is complete and the project is published, the students look forward to others seeing the finished product.

“We plan to submit this package to the Tennessee High School Press Association awards, NATAS, WKU and MTSU Blue Spark Awards,” said Jack. “Going in, we didn’t expect for this project to get as much traction as it has, but now truly see the impact Dolly Parton has had on the lives of many people, all different age ranges.”

Understandably, all of this has left their teacher swollen with pride.

“They did a fantastic job with this project,” said Adcock. “I couldn’t be more proud of the work they’ve done.”