Brentwood High Student Earns Perfect SAT and ACT Scores

perfect SAT

From WCS inFocus

It seems almost impossible for one student to earn a perfect SAT composite, two perfect ACT composites and be aiming for the State AP Scholar Award all at the same time. However, Brentwood High senior Namrah Ajmal is doing it.

In addition to earning her perfect scores, she’s also the top of her class and involved in the forensics program at her school.

“It feels good,” Namrah said. “Each milestone was really exciting.”

To prepare, she mostly studied using old exams and practice tests. She also tutored other students. Before taking her tests, Namrah likes to wake up early and go for a bike ride.

“The night before, I always do one practice section from my worst section,” Namrah said. “That just helps me remember the timing.”

With everything she’s involved with, Namrah has had to find a way to balance her schoolwork and extracurricular activities with the rest of her life.

“A lot of time comes from sleep, usually,” she said. “But it works out. If I have a forensics competition, we have a lot of down time there that I can spend studying if I need to. I also like to hang out with friends on the weekends, especially since it’s senior year.”

As for her college plans, Namrah’s top choices are Vanderbilt University and Princeton University.

“I’m looking at medicinal science as a career option,” Namrah said. “But I love math, so I have to do that in college, too.”