Brentwood High School Renovation Put on Hold

Brentwood High School

From WCS InFocus

Construction of the final phase of the Brentwood High School renovation project has been put on hold until architectural work can be completed and the bidding process redone, and while that might seem disappointing, the BHS administration is pleased.

Bids for the final phase came in almost $4 million over budget which initiated renewed conversations between the architects, BHS Principal Kevin Keidel and Superintendent Jason Golden on how to cut costs.

“When we started discussing the high bids, Mr. Keidel argued for a redesign,” said Golden. “He wanted to make the front of the building more welcoming for the students and parents and to utilize the space more efficiently.”

Keidel said he was pleased to provide input.

“I’m so glad that Mr. Golden gave us the opportunity to work with the architect on the redesign,” said Keidel. “The new plan will be what we need.”

He added that when the first phases of the school’s renovation project began several years ago, the STEM building wasn’t completed. Now that it has been, space needs have changed.

“Now that we’ve been able to see the effects of the STEM building, we don’t believe that we need the additional space in the cafeteria that was in the original plan,” said Keidel. “Also with the redesign, we were able to save two classrooms and the student services area.”

BHS parent leaders are supportive of the new plan.

“I’ve met with our PTO leaders and they are receptive to the changes we want,” said Keidel. “We all want to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars. It will be worth the wait to get what we want. I’m not disappointed.”

A construction schedule will be reestablished after the architectural work is completed.