On Sunday, November 12 the Brentwood Fire and Rescue Department will conduct a live fire training exercise at 5501 Virginia Way across from Brentwood Academy. Crews will begin the training around 7:00am, but the more significant fire will occur around 11:00am. The event will conclude by 1:30pm and should not interfere with morning rush hour or the end of the school day.

Along with those from Brentwood Fire, the Williamson County Rescue Squad will also use this opportunity to train individuals.

Russell Peterson, Brentwood Fire and Rescue Training Officer, said this live training fire is irreplaceable.   “There’s no way you can replicate the environment of a real house fire. This is as close as you can get,” said Peterson.  “We have a modern, five-story training tower at Station Four along Sunset Road, but nothing compares to the real elements of training in a real house fire,” Peterson added.

The general goal for this particular fire training will include fire suppression, ventilation, victim rescue, water supply and pump operations, and rehabilitation operations in a life fire environment.