Brentwood Crime Rate Trends

City of Brentwood

With the increase in development in Williamson County, the concern  has been will there or has there been an increase in the crime rate?  In taking a look at the TBI information from 2010-2013, population in Brentwood  has grown from 37,060 to 39,012.

With the increase in population, overall the crime has been on the decline with the exception of Crimes Against Property.  In the Crimes Against Property the uprise in numbers come from theft from autos, theft from buildings, vandalism, burglary and shoplifting.  Also Crimes Against Persons has been on the decrease  with  the exception of Simple Assault which rose from 53 to 70 in 2013. Also  2013 there were 4 kidnapping/abductions compared to prior years of 1.  To see the complete  TBI report on Brentwood, visit


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