brentwood citizen academy

If you have ever wondered what it is like to be a firefighter, now is your opportunity to find out just what firefighters do. The curriculum for the 2018 Brentwood Fire & Rescue Citizens Fire Academy will include learning how firefighters train, what happens during fire investigations, basic rescue tactics, and an overview of emergency management services.

Brentwood Fire Marshal and academy coordinator, Division Chief Jeff Pender, said the two month program provides a glimpse into the duties of the department. “The academy is often described as better than many departments’ initial training program for its own recruits,” added Pender. Although students can participate in activities ranging from fire training to touring the fire safety house, participants are asked to participate directly in activities that they feel comfortable with. Pender adds, “students will be able to train using a car fire prop to simulate fighting car fires. Students also receive basic CPR training and an overview of our medical program, which accounts for approximately 62% of our calls in Brentwood.”

Brentwood resident and 2017 class graduate, Jared Peters said it was fun and educational. “I think the first step if you really want to get involved with your local community is to come to the fire academy and learn what your local fire department does. It really builds a level of appreciation for how much effort it takes to show up on a call and execute it properly,” Peters said.

The Brentwood Fire & Rescue Citizens Fire Academy is open to adults, with preference given to Brentwood residents and business owners. The eight-class program offers over 30 hours of instructional time. Classes will be held on Thursday evening beginning April 5- May 24, 2018.

Anyone interested can apply online until March 16, 2018.

The 2018 Class Schedule

April 5- May 24, 2018

April 5, 2018:  History, organization, recruitment, and administrative forms
April 12, 2018: Tour Fire Stations and Communication Center
April 19, 2018:  Fire Codes, Investigations, and Inspections
April 26, 2018:  Fire Operations – IC, Accountability, Strategy & Tactics
May 3, 2018:   Public Education – Home Fire Safety, FSH, Sprinkler trailer
May 10, 2018:  Hazardous Materials – Basic Strategy and Tactics, Equipment
May 17, 2018: EMS Overview – Fire Department Services and EMS Integration
May 24, 2018:   Graduation