Brentwood, Buy, Sell, Trade Facebook Page makes shopping easy

There is a new way to sell your unwanted items.  I was first introduced to this group by a friend who raved about all of her incredible deals.   Unlike other sites where you sell your items, this  one involves no shipping.  It is all pick up in person.

We sat down with Allison Meadows, Kim Hicklen, and Jennifer Matwijec  who started this Facebook group which has  recently grown to over 5,500 members.    We wanted to know  what makes this group so successful and just how they got started?

WS:  Let’s start from the beginning, how did the three of you decide to start this group?

BBST:    We were on a girls trip, where we learned about a similar group in another area.  We researched a few “online garage sale” type groups and started working on our rules.  Once we established how we wanted the run the group, we went live. That was about 9 months ago.

WS:  How would you say this is different than a Craiglist?

BBST:   You have a name and a picture with a Facebook profile.  We like that you have a better idea of who you are meeting.  You can also see if you and she have any mutual friends (our group is women only by choice).  Besides the profile differences, it’s also different in that you can search the whole site, not just a specific item.  Sometimes you may even end up buying something you never know you wanted. When people look on Craigslist, it’s usually for something very specific.

WS: There are rules established established on this page, what is the premise behind the rules?

BBST:   We started the rules to keep it organized and a little more upscale.  We saw on another site where someone listed a used bottle of hair gel for $1. We feel that most people find it’s not worth their drive for something like that.  We want it to be worth driving across town to get. We also have rules on how you post in order to keep it fair and manageable.

WS: Have you ever had to enforce the rules?

BBST: Yes…several times a day. It’s mostly regarding the $10 limit or repeat posting that happens the most.

WS: What has been the most interesting item sold on this page?

BBST: While we can’t think of one thing in particular, there’s certainly been a variety of items for sale…from cars and homes to wedding dresses and engagement rings, you name it, we’ve seen it.
WS:  This group has grown so quickly over the last few months, what do you attribute to its growth?

BBST :   A lot of people seem to appreciate our rules.  I think we have growth because we have good quality items listed for sale at excellent prices. Ladies love a good deal and love to share with their friends.

WS : Is there anything that you would like for our readers to know about you?

BBST: We don’t get paid to manage this site. We work really hard to try and uphold the rules, but we do have jobs inside and outside the home, so we can’t manage 24-7. We love the group and the success we have seen from it. I guess you could say it’s a labor of love.

Thanks so much to Kim, Allison and Jennifer for speaking to us about Brentwood, Buy, Sell and Trade.   We would also like to mention that on Tuesday, there is a feature called Talent Tuesday where members can showcase their services or handmade goods.  For more information on BBST, check out their Facebook page here. 




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