Brentwood BBQ Joint Officially Opens Franklin Location

judge beans

In July, the owners of Jack and Jameson’s barbeque restaurant announced that they were closing up at 509 Hillsboro Road and moving elsewhere.

The doors did not stay closed for long.  Judge Bean’s BBQ, an established Brentwood favorite, opened there recently, quietly opening for business right after Thanksgiving.

“We’re excited about being in Franklin,” Bobby Burton, who owns Judge Beans with Andy Johnson, said. “Franklin is a vibrant, growing community and we want to be the community’s barbecue restaurant, a place where you can take your family for lunch on the weekends or dinner any day of the week, or really just rely on getting hot food, good service, and cold drinks every time you come in.”

The co-owners, who are local, took over the Texas-style BBQ spot together in 2010.

“We’re locally owned and operated so Franklin’s important to us in more ways than one.,” Burton said.

judge beans
A look inside the new Judge Beans

Judge Bean’s is now the third BBQ joint to inhabit the Hillsboro Road restaurant, tucked in on a rise above Independence Square by Del Rio Pike. The Texas-style Judge Bean’s menu brings the roadhouse back to its culinary roots.

Rooster Beane and Mickey Bodden opened the Texas-roadhouse-style Mickey Roos there in December 2005. By 2016 Jack and Jameson’s took over. With its spread-out patio, live country-western music and long, well-acquitted bar earned locals loyalty beyond their satisfied stomachs. Judge Bean’s, so long a Brentwood staple, should enjoy the same support.

Bean’s appetizers include nachos, wings and fried pickles; and its entrees include tacos and quesadillas.