Breakdown of Spring Hill’s 2019-2020 Budget

spring hill budget

The Spring Hill Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BOMA) on Monday night approved the new 2019-2020 Fiscal Year City Budget for general operations, which takes effect July 1. Here are some of the highlights:

New employee positions:

  • 5 new police officer positions
  • 3 promotions of existing police positions
  • 1 new firefighter position
  • Deputy Fire Chief position

Capital Project Funding

  • $937,000: Buckner Lane Widening project environmental study and preliminary engineering
  • $350,000: Hire Volkert engineering firm as owner’s representative on behalf of City for I-65 Interchange project. This makes use of a portion of the property tax increase proceeds.
  • $75,000: Installation of temporary traffic signals at the intersection of Kedron Road and Mahlon Moore Road, and at Kedron and Hummingbird Lane due to the construction of new Battle Creek Elementary and Middle Schools
  • $425,000: Construction of widening of Tom Lunn Road from Port Royal Road to John Lunn Road in partnership with residential developers. Total project cost last estimated at $1.1 million
  • $395,000: Police training facility for potential land purchase and/or design costs
  • $404,000: Continuation of existing water meter replacement program
  • $50,000: Install flow monitors for sewer collection monitoring of storm drains to determine additional flow to wastewater plant in order to avoid unnecessary wastewater treatment costs
  • $30,000: Manhole inserts to keep stormwater from flowing into sewer system to avoid unnecessary wastewater treatment costs
  • $50,000: Consulting services for wastewater infiltration and inflow evaluation to reduce unnecessary wastewater treatment
  • $100,000: Site assessments, appraisals and inspections for multiple City facilities: Northfield Complex, City Hall, Library and Rippavilla
  • $1.8 million: Furnishings, fixtures and equipment for Spring Hill Public Library and Police Department headquarters renovation projects at Northfield. This funding is pending the outcome of the Northfield site assessment and the BOMA’s ultimate decision on how to move forward with constructing a new library and police headquarters.
  • $1.4 million: Fire Department Ladder Truck
  • $474,000: 9 new police vehicles (five patrol cruisers for the five new officer positions, three patrol division replacement vehicles, and 1 new administrative vehicle)
  • $39,000: Fire Command replacement vehicle
  • $39,000: Public Works crew cab pickup replacement vehicle
  • $85,500: Knuckleboom truck and chassis replacement
  • $300,000: Architectural design work for new Fire Station No. 4 that will eventually be constructed on City-owned land at the corner of Duplex Road and Buckner Lane.
  • $300,000: Site assessment and design for improving Fire Station No. 1
  • $25,000: To promote and encourage ridesharing programs to help reduce traffic congestion
  • $75,000: Creation of Rippavilla Plantation Master Plan, a requirement in the City’s Rippavilla property deed of trust
  • $150,000: Matching funds for $500,000+ grant for Harvey Park Greenway project*Dollar amounts for capital projects indicate budget funding allocated. The projects have not yet been approved and may be amended at the time of board consideration depending on actual costs.

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