Brad & Kimberly Paisley at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Williamson Medical

During the Monroe Carell Jr Children’s Hospital at Williamson Medical sneak peek last week, we got a chance to speak with Brad & Kimberly Paisley about the impact the children’s hospital will have on Williamson County residents.

Brad & Kimberly Paisley, who have signed on to be honorary chairs of the children’s hospital’s Close to Home giving campaign, have both been impressed with the care provided at WMC both to their immediate family and friends, but the addition of the children’s care to the mix was what made them want to get involved.

In addition, Brad Paisley created artwork for Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital Vanderbilt at Williamson Medical that is located on the third floor.  It is a multi-piece collage of superheroes similar to the ones you will see in his latest video “Crushin It.”

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