BPD Concludes Investigation Of Brentwood Academy Sexual Misconduct

brentwood police

A sexual assault lawsuit against Brentwood Academy was dismissed last week, and now the Brentwood Police have closed their investigation of allegations made in the suit.

Filed in August, a mother alleged that Brentwood Academy and several of its employees mishandled an alleged incident with a sixth grade BA student who it was claimed was bullied, sexually assaulted and raped four times in the 2014-15 school year by four other middle-school students. The Brentwood Police were investigating the allegations.

“The Brentwood Police Department spent several months thoroughly investigating and reviewing this complex case,” Assistant Chief Thomas Walsh wrote in a statement. “Following numerous interviews with students, school staff, and parents, the CPIT team concluded no criminal charges will be pursued. In addition, no criminal wrongdoing on the part of Brentwood Academy staff was discovered.”

No details of the investigation were made public.

“In order to protect the confidentiality of the child and the child’s parents or other persons
responsible for the child’s welfare, all records concerning reports of child sexual abuse, including files, reports, records, communications and working papers related to this investigation are considered confidential according to Tenn. Code Ann. §37-1- 612,” Walsh wrote. “For this reason, the Brentwood Police Department will not comment any further on this case.”

The case was dismissed last week.

In the court filings, the defendants asked for the case to be dismissed in October. At a recent hearing, the defendant’s lawyer who filed the suit did not appear in court.

In the hearing before Judge Johnson, Brentwood Academy’s lawyers wasted no time decrying the accusations against the school, its employees and four students– all accused in two sexual assault lawsuits — as reckless, untrue and unfair.

Johnson cites Rule 41.02 in her dismissal ruling. The Tennessee court rule allows a judge to dismiss a suit if the plaintiff has not shown facts in evidence to support their claims.

BA has not yet made any statements yet on the ruling.


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