Williamson County’s latest independent bookstore – Bound Booksellers – will hold its Grand Opening today in Franklin. Located in the Westhaven community, it will not only offer a neighborhood bookstore but a new addition to independently owned bookstores in Williamson County.

As the doors open at 10am Saturday morning, they will be offering storytime, cookies, authors, book signings, face painting, cider, cornhole, and more.

Owner, Kelly Gore, told us that she hopes the bookstore will be a place for the community to gather, talk, and feel welcome to browse, read, sip coffee and meet with friends.

“I could just imagine a place where community members gather around, sip on coffee and talk about what they’re reading to each other, why their reading it and what they like about it. We had thoughts about a book club, or devotion time, a writers lab. But it slowly became apparent that it could be a bookstore and a community hub. We’re talking about holding all of this, author’s readings, song writer’s labs. We want to have this place where we can create all this for the community. They can come and celebrate words, as we’re in a society moving more toward emojis and symbols. This place will be a resurrection of words,” said Gore.

Bound Booksellers is located at 158 Front Street, Franklin in the Westhaven Community. Hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm. Follow them on Facebook for the latest offerings and updates.

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