Booster Club of the Week: Independence High School

This week’s booster club feature is Independence High School “Touchdown Club.” Thanks to Scott McReynolds for taking time out to sit down with us.

Each booster club has their own Friday night ritual, can you tell us more about yours?
Our game day ritual is to tailgate!! We have folks show up about 2 hours before kick off and we provide a meal for our members. We have music playing, playing games and eating…but mostly important and time for “family” to share a meal together. We have also started a new tradition this year with the players. We have a sign that we hold up right before kick off that the team runs under! Much what like Michigan does with their team when they run into their home games.

 How many members you have in your booster club and how many members does it take to make each Friday night successful?
Right now we have about 75 members. On average, it takes us about 30 folks on game night to have everything set up and ready to go. We have great parents that help out with everything from tailgating, field prep, to painting the fields!

 For this school year, what types of fundraisers do you have planned?
Our fundraising takes place in late spring. Our most successful fundraiser is our card sale. One other thing that does help us during the football season is the selling of our spirit wear. We have a table set up at every home game. We sell everything from t-shirts to hoodies, to hats!!

What is your first goal you look to accomplish this year?
Our first goal is to continue to make the Friday night experience for our football family the best it can be! We look to have fun and make it a “family” affair. We want the players to be able to focus on playing and the coaches to focus on coaching!

Give us three words to describe your Booster Club?

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